Welcome Everyone

I hope this day finds all of our friends their families in good health and good circumstances. We also offer our most heartfelt condolences to the friends we’ve lost during this Covid shutdown. Their smiles will be missed in our shop.

Starting the week of June 15th, we will be running a slow start. Keeping all of our classes at maximum of 4 students per session. Masks and or face-shields must be worn in the shop at all times and we are to continue social distancing as best we can.

So, turn off your TVs, put down your Laptop or

recharge your phone. Dust the crumbs from the front your shirt

and let’s go build some stuff.



Class Schedules


Open Shops



2pm-5pm and 7pm-10pm

Wednesdays and Fridays






Woodworking Fundamentals

(5-week class)

Start dates: July 7, August 18th and Sept. 29


Saturday Intensives

Tool tote

June 20th, July 18th and August 15th

Mitered Box

July 11th and August 8th


Fundamentals in Cabinet Making

(6-week class)

Starting July 8th



Fundamentals in Furniture Making

(6-week class)

Starting August 26th


Register online

Keep an eye out for Kids classes and Project Builds to be announced soon.

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