Full payment is expected for each class prior to the first scheduled appointment. Open Shop sessions may be purchased singularly or a class package of 3, 5, or 10, three-hour sessions. Payments for all classes can be done online through The Wood Joint website or in-person prior to the first session.

Material Fees
Unless specifically stated in the course description, the cost does not include materials. The cost for Woodworking, Open Shop classes does not include materials. Students are expected to supply their own wood for Woodworking and Open Shop Classes.

Classes can be booked online through the website. Class sizes are limited and filled on a first come, first serve basis. Please register early as classes fill quickly. Open Shop students must schedule appointments for at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Drop-ins are not guaranteed a work station. Appointments may be scheduled through the website, or through email request. There is a maximum of 4 students allowed per session. The Wood Joint may cancel any Open Shop session up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled time slot at their discretion.


Please notify us by email at thewoodjointnj@gmail.com prior to any cancellations.

If you cancel more than fourteen days before a class begins, we will refund 100% of tuition paid less the processing fees that will accrue. Alternatively, you can receive 100% credit, which can be applied to a future class.

If you cancel less than fourteen days before your class begins, we cannot offer any option for refund.

We are unable to refund tuition for classes that students have miss due to their own circumstances.

We reserve the right to cancel or discontinue any class, in which case you may choose to receive a refund, register for an alternate course or receive tuition credit.

Missed classes / Lateness

Missing the first day of a course may result in a non-refundable withdrawal. Please email thewoodjointnj@gmail.com if you know you are going to miss the first day of a course.

Please be on time: Instructors are not obligated to catch students up during scheduled class time for missed sessions or excessive lateness.


Make-up sessions may be arranged by appointment with the instructor, subject to the instructor’s availability. Make-up sessions must be completed before the next scheduled class date, so reach out to your instructor asap if you have to miss a class.

Fees for make-up sessions are billed at the cost of a single session of open shop, $80.00, payable directly to the The Wood Joint.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment must be worn during the operation of any tool or piece of machinery at The Wood Joint. It is strongly recommended that all woodworkers bring a pair of goggles and a sanding mask to each class or shop session. Our instructors teach proper safety procedures to all students. Students who fail to follow this advice will be guided to the correct approach to protect themselves and others. It has not happened yet, but we reserve the right to ask a student to leave if proper safety procedures are not observed.

Dress Code
All woodworkers must wear the appropriate attire within the shop at all times. Loose hanging clothing, open-toed shoes, prized jewels, and anything you expect to keep dust-free are prime examples of what not to wear to The Wood Joint.

Clean Up
Students should clean up as they work, it’s a safe way to work and maintain the shop. Have respect for your fellow students, the shop, and the equipment and leave it like you found it. Work stations should be cleared off and projects should be properly stored. Additionally, tools should be put back and machines should be adjusted to their original settings.

Due to the limited storage space available student projects or materials may not be stored at The Wood Joint unless that student is currently enrolled in a class or has classes remaining on a class package. All scrap wood should be marked with initials, else it is fair game. The Wood Joint is not responsible for lost or damaged project or material.