Full payment is expected for each Fundamentals, Woodworking, Open Shop, or Trade School class prior to the first scheduled appointment. Open Shop sessions may be purchased singularly or a class package of 3, 5, or 10 three-hour sessions. Payments for all classes can be done through The Wood Joint website or in-person and are non-transferable between different classes, and non-refundable. We will gladly reschedule your class to better suit your schedule.

Material Fees
The cost for Woodworking, Open Shop, and Trade School classes does not include materials. Students are expected to supply their own wood for Woodworking and Open Shop Classes. The Wood Joint will purchase materials for Trade School classes. The Trade School material fees will be announced at the start of class on Saturday must be paid by the end of class on Sunday. Trade School material fees should not exceed $50 unless otherwise noted.

All students must schedule appointments for Open Shop at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Drop-ins are not guaranteed a work station. Appointments may be scheduled through the website, in person, or through email request. There is a maximum of 4 students allowed per session (during our COVID openings). The Wood Joint may cancel any Open Shop session up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled time slot at their discretion.

The Wood Joint Team must be notified of all cancellations as soon as possible through either email or directly through the website. Three undocumented cancellations or cancellations within less than 24-hours notice may result in a $50 cancellation fee.

Prior permission is required for all possible make-up sessions and may not be granted if there is a scheduling conflict. All make-ups must be completed within two weeks of the scheduled completion of the missed class.

Safety Equipment
Safety equipment must be worn during the operation of any tool or piece of machinery at The Wood Joint. It is strongly recommended that all woodworkers bring a pair of goggles and a sanding mask to each class or shop session.

Dress Code
All woodworkers must wear the appropriate attire within the shop at all times. Loose hanging clothing, open-toed shoes, prized jewels, and anything you expect to keep dust-free are prime examples of what not to wear to The Wood Joint.

Clean Up
It is expected that all students should reserve some time in their session to help with clean up. Work stations should be cleared off and projects should be properly stored. Additionally, tools should be put back and machines should be adjusted to their original settings.

Projects or materials may not be stored at The Wood Joint unless a student is currently enrolled in a class or has classes remaining on a class package. All scrap wood should be marked with initials, else it is fair game.