In case you missed our FREE Shop Talk about Sharpening, here’s a little post to help get you started.

You Will Need:
1 Dull Unhappy Chisel
1 Diamond Stone
1 Bottle of Windex

Step 1:
Choose the side of your diamond stone with the grittiest grit or the lowest number. Spray this side liberally with windex.

Step 2:
Angle the chisel so that the tip and the heel make contact with the stone.

Step 3:
Trace out either figure 8’s or a circle with your chisel against the stone until the microblade looks shiny. Rewet with windex if necessary.

Step 4:
Flip chisel over and hold chisel flat against the stone. Slide the chisel back and forth. Repeat motion until the back of the chisel has no burr.

Step 5:
If your diamond stone has multiple grits, continue process until you reach the finest grit or the highest number.

Step 6:
Using either a buffing wheel or a leather belt, polish your newly sharpened chisel.

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