Summertime is around the corner.

The sun will be shining, the waves will be rolling, and the table saws will be running!

Forget a good book and a beach chair, we have something way more awesome in store…good long rips on the table saw or maybe some artful sanding 🙂

This summer at The Wood Joint, classes are in session, and we hope to see you there.

Upcoming Classes

FREE! The Art of Sanding
June 16th at 9am
Shop Talk Classes: Free in Sawdust
email to reserve a spot today!

Router Skills
June 22nd-24th
Trade School Classes: Pile of Routers

Kids Woodworking
July 9th-13th
Kids Claschoolsses: Ukulele

Advanced Joinery
July 20th-22nd
Trade School Classes: Sample of Tenon, Dovetail, and Finger Joints

See our SCHEDULE for more details.

May the woodworking be with you ALL SUMMER LONG 🙂

-The Wood Joint

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